Business Plan for FY2022

(Due to the COVID-19 and political situation after 1st of February in Myanmar, there will still be difficulties in traffic, including commercial one. However, as soon as the stability and safety in Myanmar is confirmed, we will make concrete moves. )

1: Interaction with important people

  • - Invitations and personal exchanges with government and business leaders.
  • - Dispatch and acceptance of missions hosted or co-hosted by JMA

2: Information collection and provision

  • - Holding of lectures, seminars, and social gatherings hosted by JMA
  • - Publication and distribution of JMA's brochure, "Myanmar Focus"
  • - JMA’s homepage (Website update)

3: Providing services to member companies

  • - Summarize various requests and requests from member companies of JMA and industries, and propose to the Myanmar side
  • - Introducing partners etc. when JMA’s member companies plan to expand into Myanmar

4: Cooperation and support for human resource development

  • - Human Resource Development for Medical, Health, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Field
  • - A wide range of human resource development projects, including industrial human resources

5: Research project:

  • - Contribution project to the development of SMEs between Japan and Myanmar
  • - Support and cooperation in the field of vocational education and training in Myanmar

6: Support for SMEs of Japan & Myanmar

  • - Initiatives for support and cooperation for the development and development of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) of Japan & Myanmar

7: Development of Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

  • - Further support and cooperation for business promotion
  • - Providing information to interested parties