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Nov.17, 2018

JMA director observed the exhibition of products by MSMEs

The 7th exhibition of products by MSMEs of Yangon Region was held in Yangon and more than 300 companies displayed their products at the exhibition. Japanese Ambassador Mr. Maruyama, officials from JETRO, JMA director Mr. Watanabe observed the exhibition. JMA introduced a branding way of local specialty and also success stories in the overseas market by Japanese specialists. Participants at the exhibition showed keen interests in such lectures by the specialists. JMA is going to support development of local specialty in Myanmar and promote the products of Myanmar to overseas market.
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Nov.3-8, 2018

JMA Chairman & Director visited Myanmar

In Naypyitaw, JMA Chairman & Director had meetings with Union Minister for Office of the State Counsellor Mr. Kyaw Tint Swe, Union Minister for Industry Mr. Khin Maung Cho, Union Minister for Border Affairs Lt.-Gen Ye Aung, Union Minister for Commerce Mr. Than Myint, Union Minister for Health & Sports Dr. Myint Htwe, Deputy Minister for Planning and Finance Mr. Set Aung. They exchanged opinions and shared views on the latest investment situation to Myanmar, Rakhine State issue, the exhibitions of products by local MSMEs, support for SMEs in Myanmar, reviewing of trainees to Japan for agricultural field to improve productivity and so on. In Yangon, they had meeting with NLD officials on the latest economic policies and the performing result of study tour of NLD youth to Japan in this September.
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Oct. 29, 2018

Speech by MTSH Chairman, Mr. Win Aung and Welcome Reception

JMA invited Mr. Win Aung, Chairman of MTSH (Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings Public Limited) who has been making a substantial contribution to success of Thilawa SEZ and hosted his lecture and welcome dinner reception in Tokyo. Nearly 100 persons of JMA directors, JMA members and concerned persons to Myanmar participated in the event. At the lecture, Mr. Win Aung gave a speech about a great support from Japanese Government, leadership of Mr. H. Watanabe of JMA Chairman for promotion of Thilawa SEZ and also effort of everyone for Thilawa SEZ.
Moreover, Mr. Christopher Aung, Vice President of MJTD(Myanmar Japan Thilawa Development Ltd.)gave a lecture about the latest trend of Myanmar economy and investment environment of Myanmar.
Japanese cabinet ministers who supported the starting of Thilawa SEZ, Diet member and directors of MTSH also participated in the welcome reception to strengthen the great friendship between Myanmar and Japan.

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Oct. 14-21, 2018

Winner of the 19th Japanese Speech Contest in Yangon came to Japan

Ms. Nway Oo Khine, a winner of the 19th Japanese Speech Contest in this August in Yangon came to Japan to make her Japanese language speech in the 33nd Japanese Speech Presentation Event on October 18 organized by JOEA (Japan Overseas Enterprises Association), co-organized by ASEAN-JAPAN CENTRE and supported by The Japan Foundation. JMA awarded a prize of round trip airplane ticket for her to come to this Tokyo event. Winners from ASEAN 10 countries also participated in this event. Ms. Nway Oo Khine made Japanese speech on “My Dream Given by Children” and she won the special award of Secretary General of ASEAN-JAPAN CENTRE. The winners stayed in Japan for a week and had factory tour, opportunity to have cultural exchange with people of same generation in Japan and other events.
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Oct.13-21, 2018

Outstanding Students came to Japan from Myanmar

Myanmar Japan Association (MJA) has been organizing to send outstanding students to Japan since 2014 and JMA has been supporting this event. The 5th event in this year, a total of 18 students including 6 students from Japanese Language Course of Yangon & Mandalay Foreign Languages University and 12 students from high schools in Myanmar visited Japan. The outstanding teenagers stayed with host families in Miyagi Prefecture and had cultural exchange with young people of same generation by cooperation and support of Miyagi MeiSen Academy. JMA hosted a dinner reception for the students and Myanmar Ambassador also attended this event. The students visited the House of Representatives of the National Diet by JMA’s arrangement, Sky Tree Tower, a plant of beverages in Tokushima, the Otsuka Museum of Art and so on. JMA is going to support this event to strengthen friendship between two countries furthermore.
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